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List of products by brand Bodrum

Bodrum is a brand with more than 15 years of history that was founded in the United Kingdom. The main objective of its founder was to offer its customers the possibility of obtaining quality ingredients to prepare traditional and modern Turkish cuisine.

The brand's products are really varied, for example, they have grains and legumes, products prepared for baking or cooking, jams, honey, dried fruits in trays, walnuts, pine nuts, pepper flakes, olive oil, spices, herbs, condiments, canned foods, sauces, Turkish delight, and much more.

It is important to mention that the products sold by Bodrum are selected and tested by experts who confirm that they indeed have the quality to reach the brand's customers.

In our online store we offer you some bodrum products such as rich salty roasted corn, sunflower seeds and some other things.