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Sauce, Herb, Spices & Seasonings

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Spicy sauces - Valentina 370g


Valentina Salsa Picante (Extra Hot – Black Label) is a classic Mexican hot sauce with a citrus, spicy, tangy and salty flavor.

Green sauce - La Costeña 250gr


Its delicious tangy flavour can be addictive!

One of the most popular green sauces in Mexico; it's a must have on every Mexican table!

How to use it:

It can be used to add a delicious tangy flavour to almost every dish. 

You can prepare quick green chilaquiles just by adding this sauce to a bowl with tortilla chips, garnished with sour cream and crumbled fresh cheese (feta works as well).

Dilute with water or chicken stock and cook along with pork, beef or chicken and diced potatoes to make a "Chile Verde" stew.


Store in a dry, cool place. Once opened, refrigerate for up to one week.