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Peru is one of the Latin American countries that offers the best quality and quantity of products to its inhabitants. It is really surprising the quality of Peruvian products that are produced in this country and that today, you can buy without problems in your London Peruvian store: Latin Market.

In the Peruvian elephant and castle store we are very clear about some things: many of the Latin products far exceed what is produced in this country and, taking that into account, we deserve to consume quality products like the ones we enjoyed at home.

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To buy Peruvian products you just have to continue a little in our online store and you will find a huge variety, for example, you could buy inka cola soda, different types of dressings, Cusco beer, chatica roasted corn, pisco brand "Machu Pisco" , Maca de los Andes, Salsa Huancaína and many other things.

Peruvian food online store

We are here to help you with whatever you need, we are your online Peruvian food store, but you can also consider us a friend who will work hard to bring you everything you might want and need in products from Peru (and many other countries in Latin America).


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Yellow Chilli Pepper Paste 228g - Chatica


This paste is great as a base for cooking, dressing and marinade. Yellow Chilli  is a type of medium hot chilli, used in Peruvian and Mexican dishes.

Aji Panca Paste 228g - Chatica


Aji panca paste for Latin American dishes. This paste is great as a base for cooking, dressing and marinade. Aji panca is a type of mild chilli, commonly used in Peruvian dishes.

Inca Kola Glass Bottle 300 ml


Inca Kola is a hugely popular &  iconic soft drink in Peru owned by Coca Cola. 

The yellowy, sweet, carbonated soft drink, often described as bubblegum in a bottle is Peru’s favourite soft drink, which resembles its main ingredient, lemon verbena.

Its consumption occurs mainly in Peru although it is also consumed in many other parts of the world.