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Dairy Alternatives

Dairy alternatives are substitutes for cow's milk, that is, they are drinks based on soy, almond, sunflower, walnuts, oats and another amount of vegetable milks that are suitable for those who are intolerant to milk, are vegan or simply not they want to consume cow's milk

At Latin Market we can offer you milk substitutes such as the Alpro brand that has oatmeal drinks, oatmeal with cocoa, almonds, coconut, hazelnut, rice, organic soybeans and soybeans.

From the Stute brand we offer unsweetened almond milk. From the Arlo brand we offer lactose-free cow's milk. From the Miracle brand we offer a delicious peanut drink and thus, you can find other delicious options that you can enjoy without hurting your stomach or because you want a different alternative.

Dairy Alternatives

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