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Venezuelan Store

Did you know that there is a Venezuelan store in London? A store where you can find all those rich Venezuelan products that are so famous all over the world (arepas, bread flour, malt, ham to spread, sweets and many other things).

Products that bring you much closer to your home and that give you the chance to try again some flavors that you surely missed a lot.

Online store Venezuela

One of the great advantages of the Venezuela latin market online store is that we offer you the option of making your purchases in Venezuela or as if you were in this country online without any problem. In addition to this, the products will arrive at their destination (your door if you wish) in 2 to 5 days.

Venezuelan store near me

One of the reasons why many of you do not buy Venezuelan products (and from other Latin American countries) is because I do not have a Venezuelan store near me. The advantage of Latin market is that we have 3 stores located in the most strategic points of the city, in this way, everyone who lives in London will have the possibility of accessing this type of product.


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Corn meal white - Harina P.A.N. 1Kg


Flour bread. It is a unique product made from pure corn, which allows the preparation of delicious and varied dishes typical of each culture, enjoy it in all its presentations, White, Yellow and Sweet.

Chatica Bocadillo Veleños 12 Units


These Guava paste blocks are unique in texture, flavour and wrappers. Again a natural product which is delicious and a exotic snack for young and old.

Frozen Banana Leaves 500gr


Banana leaves are used throughout Asia and Central America. They not only impart a light flavour to the leaf itself, but also leave the contents moist and full of flavour. In general, the tamale, the hallacas, a whole fish or a chicken breast are placed inside the banana leaf. It is then tied with a string and made into a bundle. The package is then steamed or grilled on a barbecue. The contents are protected by the leaf and the result is smooth, succulent and delicious, slightly tinged with the flavour of the banana leaf.