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Bottled Water

The most refreshing water

Water is life, we need it daily since our body is made up of water in a large percentage, so we must stay hydrated and it is best to do it with water.

Water bottles are an easy solution to carry this precious liquid everywhere. The most common presentation are individual plastic water bottles, but you can also find glass water bottles, 2-liter, 5-liter, 8-liter water bottles or the water bottle on the market. A little more expensive but also available are bottles of mineral water

We can offer you water bottles of the following brands: Smart Water of 850 ml, Volvic of 1.5 liters, Schweppes tonic water, Buxton water in recycled bottle, Evian of 500 ml, Nestlé or Highland spring water, water flavored with strawberry or watermelon, the delicious and refreshing coconut water that is a delight! and even water with and without gas.

Bottled Water

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