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Grocery store Ecuador

Did you know that you can now buy your Ecuadorian products in the United Kingdom? Yes! You can do it with your favorite Latin store in this territory: Latin market.

We have a wide variety of Latin products in the Ecuador grocery store, so much so that we are able to bring to your new home all that you miss so much about your country: gastronomy and its typical products of better taste and quality.

Ecuador online store

One of our great advantages is that we are an online Ecuador store, this means that while you can get us in our different physical stores in the UK, you can also get us online without any problem.

What is the advantage of this? Simple, that you can connect from anywhere and place your orders in just a few minutes. Of course, we tell you one thing, once you see everything we have to offer you, you may want to buy much more than what you had originally budgeted for.

Ecuador virtual store

We have a virtual store Ecuador and also a physical store, you can get us in our different commercial premises or through our website. We seek to offer you all the options to make your purchase process much easier and more user-friendly.

Make your first purchase today! Enjoy the gastronomy of your country again!


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Frozen Banana Leaves 500gr


Banana leaves are used throughout Asia and Central America. They not only impart a light flavour to the leaf itself, but also leave the contents moist and full of flavour. In general, the tamale, the hallacas, a whole fish or a chicken breast are placed inside the banana leaf. It is then tied with a string and made into a bundle. The package is then steamed or grilled on a barbecue. The contents are protected by the leaf and the result is smooth, succulent and delicious, slightly tinged with the flavour of the banana leaf.