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List of products by brand Belvita

Who has not ever eaten a rich breakfast with some Belvita cookies? This brand (which would arrive on the market in 1891) offers us a very healthy and tasty option for breakfasts in which we are a bit in a hurry, but we still need energy for the whole morning.

In its beginnings we only knew the Belvitas sweetened with honey in its simplest presentation, but today there is a good variety of products of the brand, for example, the crispy belvitas of different flavors (strawberry, orange, among others), the baked ones. , the bites, the sandwiches and a few more.

In Latin Market we offer you the strawberry breakfast belvitas, honey and walnuts and many other products of the brand so that you can have a balanced meal for breakfast, that offers you energy and that takes care of your health.