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List of products by brand Ben & Jerrys

Ben & Jerrys is quite an interesting brand because its origin is American, but it is part of an Anglo-Dutch company (Unilever). The brand is exclusively dedicated to the production of ice cream in different flavors and presentations.

Ben & Jerrys started out as a small company that was located in a gas station in Vermont in 1978. With the passage of time this small ice cream parlor would take on tremendous importance until in 2000 it would become a subsidiary of the large Unilever company.

The brand's products are very interesting, for example, you can find yogurt ice creams, ice cream sandwiches, a totally original flavor created together with Netflix, vegan ice creams and many others.

If the Ben & Jerrys brand has caught your attention, we invite you to try some of their products and for this you can buy them in our Latin market online store, for example, you can find a classic flavor and one of the brand's favorites: the taste of cookie dough.