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List of products by brand Bovril

The Bovril brand is part of the great Unilever UK and the history of this product is quite interesting: it was created by John Lawson, a Scotsman in charge of feeding his troops during the war between 1870 and 1871.

This product would be called Brovil and only a few years later the "Bovril Company" would be founded and over the years this product would take on tremendous importance throughout the world.

The content of this product is quite interesting since it contains a majority percentage of "beef concentrate", but also a high percentage of yeast extract and some other ingredients such as salt, cornstarch, among other things.

If you have not tried the product and are interested in trying it or if you have already tried it and want to continue eating it, here in Latin market we have different presentations of bovril so that you can buy your original meat paste without problems.