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List of products by brand 7Days

7 Days is one of the most important brands of the renowned Greek company called Chipita, which has been exclusively dedicated to the food industry since 1973. Although the main headquarters of Chipita is in its country of origin, this company has a presence and carries out its operations in a huge number of countries around the world (plants, commercial offices and much more).

Among the most recognized and important products of the 7 Days brand we can mention, for example, soft croissants (its flagship product produced in different flavors), cake bars, bagel bags and even mini croissants.

Another important detail to recognize about the 7 Days brand is that all its products are non-transgenic, that the cocoa is of totally sustainable origin and that the eggs used are free-range chickens.

In Latin Market you can find some of the brand's best quality products, for example, the double max croissants or the hazel nut max croissants, among others.