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List of products by brand Buckwud

Love maple syrup, but have no idea where to find it? Have you tried several brands of this syrup and none come close to the taste of the original syrup? The Buckwud brand offers 100% pure and organic maple syrup, a product of excellent quality.

This product is not easy to find in the United Kingdom, but in Latin market our main objective is to bring you the best products in the world near your home and that is why we have worked hard so that you can have the best maple syrup in your kitchen.

Although it might seem that these types of products can be really expensive (because they have to be brought from other places in the world), the truth is that Buckwud is a fairly inexpensive syrup and that it can be easily adapted to your budget (about 250 grams of syrup cost a little over 1.70 pounds).