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List of products by brand Bold

Bold is a brand of detergents that is part of the renowned company Procter & Gamble and that arrived on the United States market in 1965. This detergent would take on great importance in the United Kingdom in 1982 when it would arrive as Bold 2 in 1 (detergent and conditioner).

The truth is that there are many different products offered by the brand, but one of the most important is the all-in-1 laundry soap since with a single product you cover all the needs of each wash. It is important to mention that for each of Bold's products we can find different scents that can better adapt to what we are looking for.

At latin market we currently have bold products for you, such as, for example, lavender and chamomile all-in-1 laundry soap (an excellent quality product, very efficient and that can be adapted to your budget), among other products.