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List of products by brand Air wick

Who doesn't like that their home has a good smell? This is precisely what Air Wick offers us: the possibility of scenting our home with high-quality products such as fragrances and air fresheners with a wide variety of scents.

Did you know that the Air Wick brand would hit the market in 1943? Since then, this American company has been producing air fresheners of all kinds so that the atmosphere of our home is much more in line with what we want.

Although the United States is a bit far away, you should not worry, because in Latin Market we bring the best Latin American products in the world to the United Kingdom for you, our customers.

Among some of the most important products of the Air Wick brand that you can find in our online store, we can mention the pure spray air freshener, the fresh waters spray air freshener, among many others.