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Spread Ham - Diablitos 120g

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Ham to spread - Diablitos 120g


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Spreadable Ham - Diablitos 120g

Do you want to vary your breakfast or afternoon meal a little? Try accompanying a slice of bread, an arepa or even some crackers with the delicious spreadable ham – diablitos 120 g (or any of its other presentations).

Devil ham

This product, which is also known as ham of the devil, is a very interesting preparation that began in Venezuela and that over time has spread to many other countries.

The advantage of this spreadable food is that it can be adapted to different situations: it is perfect for breakfast, snacks, dinner or even for rich lunches.

Deviled devil ham ingredients

The main ingredients of devilish soap, better known as diablitos, are: pork leg and shoulder, different spices, salt, a touch of sugar and sodium nitrite.

In addition to this, it is important to know that every 100 grams of this product has approximately 300 calories.

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