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Chocolate bar with Peanuts - Jumbo Jet

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In a Jumbo Peanut you will be able to feel the softness of the chocolate that melts in your mouth mixed with a crunchy delicately baked peanut


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Chocolatina - Jumbo Jet

Did you know that jet chocolatinas have been marketed in Colombia since 1961? This product is definitely part of the Colombian culture (and even of the Latin culture) and, in addition, it has an excellent flavor. 

One of the brand's most important products is the jumbo jet chocolate bar, a product that is quite simple: a chocolate bar with a rich touch of peanuts, great taste and an excellent price. 

Jumbo Chocolate

One of the most interesting things about the jumbo jet chocolate is that it has a perfect size to become a snack or even to complement a delicious dinner. It is a product that some years ago we couldn't get in the UK, but thanks to the work of companies like latin market, it can now be easily purchased. 

Large jumbo chocolate

Want a large jumbo chocolate? Visit latin market in their online store or in their physical stores and buy this product at the best price in the market. 

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