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Dog food chunks in jelly with Chicken - Scamp 400g

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Dog food Chicken - Scamp 400g


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Scamp dog food

Dogs, in addition to being our pets, are part of our family and that is why we must feed them with the best we can find on the market.

Of course, it is very important to feed our animals with products that are prepared specifically for them, for example, if we want to reward them with something tasty and that gives them the necessary vitamins and nutrients, we can buy scamp dog food, a product that has 44% of pieces of meat and chicken.

Scamp for dogs

In addition to having 44% pieces of meat and chicken, scamp for dogs also includes some cereals and minerals of great importance in our pet's diet.

An advantage of this product is that it brings 400 grams of food for a fairly low price and also has no added flavors.

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