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Frozen Banana Leaves 500gr

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Banana leaves are used throughout Asia and Central America. They not only impart a light flavour to the leaf itself, but also leave the contents moist and full of flavour. In general, the tamale, the hallacas, a whole fish or a chicken breast are placed inside the banana leaf. It is then tied with a string and made into a bundle. The package is then steamed or grilled on a barbecue. The contents are protected by the leaf and the result is smooth, succulent and delicious, slightly tinged with the flavour of the banana leaf.



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Banana leaves

Banana leaves are widely used in different Latin American countries for the preparation of important recipes that are part of the daily life of the inhabitants of these places.

Taking that into account, in Latin Market we have to offer you the best banana leaves that you can find in this country.

banana leaves uk

One of the great disadvantages of moving to another country with a culture so different from that of Latinos is that many times we want to maintain our way of cooking and it is almost impossible to achieve it because we do not find those ingredients or supplies that we need to do it.

So that they no longer have that problem, we have the way to find the best banana leaves in the United Kingdom and that is that despite the fact that we are talking about a frozen product, the quality and flavor that they can give to meals is perfectly maintained. .

Banana leaves for cooking

The main use of this product is for the kitchen, usually, they are used to wrap different preparations and thus allow better cooking and, in addition, preserve these foods in better condition.

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