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Arepa de yuca (Cassava arepas) - La sevillana

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Yuca arepas

Cassava arepas have long been prepared in Latin American families as a different option to traditional corn arepas. This type of preparation is very interesting for its health benefits and for having a clear advantage over corn: they provide a lot of energy with very few calories consumed.

Sevillian yucca arepas are prepared with the best ingredients and have a very good and traditional flavor.

What can the yuca arepas be accompanied with?

One of the advantages of yucca arepas is that they can be accompanied with a variety of ingredients: they are very tasty with a consteño cheese, but they can also be eaten with ham, meat, egg or even with the well-known devilish ham that is consumed so much in some Latin countries.

Cassava flour arepas in the UK

One of the few Latin stores that has to offer its customers arepas de yuca in the UK is us: Latin Market. And we don't offer just any cassava arepa, we offer the best on the market.

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