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Original Corn Starch - Maizena 400g

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 Original Cornflour - Maizena 400g 



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Maizena in the UK

Fine corn flour is also known in our country as cornstarch (by the renowned brand of the same name) and in other places the most common name for it is cornstarch. This product is highly used in desserts and other types of preparations and offers great advantages and benefits in their preparation.

Maizena UK

We are sure that it happens to you like us and we are so used to using a brand or a type of product that if we use another the results are not the same. If the same happens to you, we invite you to buy cornstarch in the United Kingdom so that you can make the same preparations as in your home in Latin America here in London.

¿Where to buy cornstarch flour?

We can assure you that there is no better place to buy cornstarch flour than your favorite store, the fashion store for Latinos in the United Kingdom, that place you visit every day to see what home product you are going to eat today: Latin market , the online Latin store in the United Kingdom.

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