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Soda - Guaraná Antarctica 330ml

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Soda - Guaraná Antarctica 330ml


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Guaraná Antártica

Guarana Antarctica is one of the most famous drinks in all of Brazil and Latin America. Created in 1921, this drink has had tremendous importance in the country, so much so that it is even a sponsor of the country's soccer team.

Guaraná drink

The drink is prepared from the guarana seed and has a fairly high caffeine content and can be found in different presentations, for example, canned guarana drink, in 2-liter containers, among other options.

Where to buy Guaraná

Where can you buy Antarctic Guarana UK? The answer is very, very simple, you can buy it in Latin market, the perfect place to buy products from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and many other countries in Latin America.

The advantage of buying with us is that we are distributors of Antarctic guarana in this country, therefore, our prices are very good and you will have wide access to these drinks when you need them and anywhere in London you need them.

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