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Pony Malta 330 ml

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Pony Malta is made from malt, water, sugar, barley malt, vitamins, among other ingredients.



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Pony Malta 330 ml 

Pony Malta is a non-alcoholic beverage produced in Colombia since 1956. The base of this drink is precisely malt and currently you can find it in some of its presentations (for example, pony malt 330 ml) in a variety of Latin American countries and even in some European countries. 

Pony Malt Drink

For those who have never tried this drink, it is important to know that the taste is somewhat sweet, has a touch of vanilla, is light brown in color and as its base is malt, the flavor is quite characteristic. 

The pony malt drink is usually taken as part of breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner. It is a drink that can be easily adapted to different situations, meals and flavors. 

Pony Malt near me 

Want to know where to find pony malta near me? We tell you that in London we have an online store (also physical) called latin market that offers Latin products in a huge variety. 

The interesting thing about this site is that shopping is very easy and their products are of the highest quality in the national and international market. 

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