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Cooked smoked salami - Induveca

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Cooked smoked salami - Induveca



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Salami Induveca

A premium beef and pork product specially formulated to distinguish the tastes of Hispanics. Flavor smoke is added to enhance the flavor. New and improved packaging ensures a longer shelf life. # 1 Selling Spanish-Style Salami in the U.S.

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Salami Induveca Dominican Republic

Dominican sausage has a slightly smoky and salty flavor, which is perfect. It is a precooked sausage, but in the Dominican Republic it is fried to give it a crunchy flavor. The degree of doneness varies from person to person. Salami, like green plantains, is extremely important to Dominicans. It has a special place in their hearts. The salami is eaten as a sandwich with Tostones or in rice as in my Locrio de Salami. In fact, the Locrio de Salami is one of the most favorite dishes. It is considered a "poor man's plate", but in reality it goes beyond that, it is a return home with good memories.

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