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Fresh Cheese - Alezzolli 400g (Gluten Free)

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Enjoy at any time a delicious fresh cheese with the best quality standards to achieve the exquisite flavor, body and texture.


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Fresh cheese uk

Alezzoli brand fresh cheese is an excellent quality product, totally gluten-free and prepared with the freshest cow's milk that can be found. In the production of cheeses, no type of preservative is used, which makes it a very healthy product that can be consumed without problems.

It is a cheese that will easily bring us closer to our Latin America due to its appearance, its texture and its great flavor that we surely had not enjoyed in a long time.

¿Where to buy queso fresco?

The best place to buy fresh cheese is Latin Market, your trusted online supermarket in the UK. And it is that we not only offer the best Latin products in London, we also have the best prices and the best service.

Colombian hot chocolate con queso

How many of you had not missed eating a delicious Colombian hot chocolate with pieces of fresh cheese at night before going to sleep (or in the morning when you wake up)? Both products can be obtained in Latin market so that they prepare that chocolate with cheese that reminds them of their beloved land.


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