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Curd Cheese Colombian 500g

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Fresh curd with a little wet content ideal for sharing.


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Colombian Curd Cheese

The Curd Cheese is obtained from the coagulation of milk and whoever knows how to prepare it obtains an impressive result: a cheese with a smooth texture and a truly impressive flavor. Colombian Curd Cheese can be used in the preparation of desserts, to accompany some delicious arepas and for many other recipes.

¿Where to buy Colombian Cheese Curd?

So that you can obtain the original and best quality Colombian curd cheese in the United Kingdom, we recommend that you buy it only in our online store, that is, in your Latin supermarket in the UK in Latin market.

¿Is Colombian Curd Cheese expensive?

Of course not! For less than 7 euros they can buy half a kilo! From the original rich Colombian Curd Cheese, that cheese that was served in our breakfast snacks in Latin America.


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