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Cassava Bread - Casabe Guananí 238g

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Cassava Bread - Casabe Guananí 238g


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Cassava Bread – Casabe Guarani

Do you know the famous yucca bread? This product, in addition to having a very interesting flavor and being present in many Latin American homes, is really good for your health, as studies show that for every 100 grams it provides more than 300 kilocalories, 1.3 grams of protein, very little fat and more than 80 carbohydrates.

Cassava Bread United Kingdom

One of the biggest problems that we Latinos in the United Kingdom have is getting those products that we enjoy so much at home and that now that we are in another country with a quite different culture, it is very difficult for us to find them.

We are sure that many times you have tried to find cassava bread in the United Kingdom, well, today we bring you the solution and we will tell you a little about it below.

Where can I buy cassava bread near me?

In latin market you can buy cassava bread near you and many other things! Keep checking our website for what we have to offer and you can also visit our physical stores in different areas of London.

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