Leños y Carbón, the Latin restaurant of the month

If you are like us who are constantly looking for a very good quality Latin restaurant that can offer us delicious, inexpensive dishes with good portions, we invite you to visit Leños y Carbón, a Colombian restaurant located in a good area of ​​London that will surprise you.

Leños y Carbón, a Colombian restaurant in London

Leños y Carbón is a Colombian restaurant, therefore, its menu will be clearly influenced by the gastronomy of this beautiful Latin country.

The first thing you should know about Colombian cuisine (for the few who do not know it) is that its main characteristic is that it is a gastronomy of a lot of flavor and color (like its people).

A little history about the restaurant

This restaurant was founded more than 10 years ago (specifically in 2009) and since then they have made it their main objective to offer their customers high quality Colombian dishes. In this way, both Latinos and other inhabitants of the United Kingdom have been able to learn a little more about the rich Colombian gastronomy.

It is a place that lends itself to celebrating special occasions, which has a fully qualified staff to serve you and prepare your dishes and which, in addition, offers a quite familiar and cozy atmosphere.

Whether you are Latino and want to enjoy some food from your home or if you are from any other part of the world and are looking to try a totally new gastronomy, you will love this Latin restaurant.

Next, we will tell you about the menu of this restaurant and some of the most interesting dishes it has to offer.

Knowing the menu of the Latin restaurant of the month: Leños y Carbón

  • Tickets. The star entrees of the restaurant are the empanadas stuffed with seasoned meat, the Colombian corn arepas (filled with different ingredients such as cheese, ribs, Colombian chorizo, among others), the rich patacones, fried yucca, ripe plantain with cheese, prawns with garlic, among other things.
  • Salads.  Those who want to eat something a little healthier have some options in salads such as, for example, the salad with prawns, the cesar salad or even a rich mixed salad (with tuna, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, among other things).
  • Main courses. The star dishes of the restaurant are: the paisa tray and the patacón with everything (chicken, meat, pork belly, Colombian cheese and a rich pineapple and garlic sauce). They also have many other dishes that you will surely like a lot, for example, the overbarriga in sauce, the pork or chicken chops, the beans with chicharrón, the sancocho, the mixed grill, among other things.

  • Fish and dishes from the sea. For lovers of the sea, they also have very tasty dishes such as seafood casserole, charcoal salmon, seafood rice, fried or marinera mojarra, among others.
  • Vegetarian options. Do not think that they forgot about the vegetarians, they also offer very tasty options for you, for example, a rich vegetarian paisa tray or also some tasty fajitas.
  • Desserts. Finally, after a tasty meal we must taste a delicious dessert, in this case, in this Latin restaurant they offer you desserts such as rice pudding, cheese cake, a good ice cream, among other options.
  • The menu for the little ones of the house. The little ones of the house will be able to enjoy a delicious plate of Nuggets and potatoes or a delicious pasta in case they do not want any of the previously mentioned dishes.

How to contact Leños y Carbón, the Latin restaurant of the month?

If you want to contact this high-quality Latin restaurant, we tell you that you have the possibility of calling the establishment’s customer service number directly, which is: 02074078865 (you can also call 02077013344).

If you prefer to communicate with this restaurant via email, you can do so by writing to info@lenosycarbonuk.com.

Finally, we comment that even on their official website they have a direct contact form in which they can leave their message to receive a response in record time.

If you want to find out a little better about the restaurant, you also have several options, for example, visit the website to look a little better at the menu and the prices of their dishes.

They can also enter their social networks, mainly their Facebook page or their official Instagram. What will they find there? A little more about the restaurant: photos of its dishes, some offers and much more information

What are the working hours at Leños y Carbón?

If the menu of Leños y Carbón has caught your attention and you want to try a Latin restaurant nearby, we want to tell you a little about the hours in which you can find this establishment open:

Commonly the working hours of this restaurant are from 12:00 noon to 9:30 pm between Tuesday and Sunday. Similarly, we invite you to contact the restaurant in advance if you want to visit them or order take away to make sure they are working at the time you want to order.

Where can I find the Latin restaurant Leños y Carbón?

Did you know that this Latin restaurant is only a 2-minute walk from the Elephant and Castle train station? A great advantage is that it allows us to take public transport and spend less money to visit an establishment that serves very good food and reminds us of home.

The exact address of Leños y Carbón, the Latin Colombian restaurant of the moment is as follows: 113 Elephant Rd, Elephant and Castle, London SE17 1LB, United Kingdom. To make them a little better located, it is quite close to the renowned Elephant Park.

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