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proveedores de alimentos sudamericanos

One of the hardest things about moving to a whole new country is arriving and realizing that many of the food products that you used to buy in your own country are no longer so easy to find in this new destination. 

So that this does not happen to you, there is a South American food store in London called Latin market and that little by little has managed to position itself among the best suppliers of South American food in the United Kingdom.

Getting to know the best South American food suppliers UK a little better

Latin market is a company created by Latinos and for Latinos who are in the United Kingdom and who are looking to eat again all those foods they enjoyed in their country.

We clearly hope that UK residents will also begin to appreciate the high-quality products we have in Latin America and get a taste of everything we have to offer.

But the truth is that our main idea is you who, like us, misses our sandwiches, arepas, the delicious ceviche, drinks and even sweets, chocolates and much more.

And it is that more and more of us decide to emigrate in search of better living conditions, but we do not want to leave behind the customs and the tasty gastronomy that we have at home.

What kind of products does the South American food store in London offer in Latin market?

In your South American food market, we pride ourselves on having a great variety of products that come from different Latin countries and that surely can meet all the demands and needs you may have.

Among the products in our online store, we can offer you, for example, we can mention the following:

  • A specialized category for beverages (carbonated soft drinks, spirits, juices, water, dairy, coffee, tea, among others).
  • General market products (frozen, fresh meat, chicken, sausages, snacks, refrigerated, sweets, chewing gum, among many others).
  • We also have home and entertainment products, health and beauty, pets, clothing care, baby products, among others.

And it is that despite the fact that we are already among the best South American food suppliers in the United Kingdom and that we work to reach the top every day, we know that we can offer you a little more and that is why we complement with other quality products: charging cables, stickers and much more.

Are the best brands of South American products found in the Latin market?

Yes of course! We only offer the Latin American food brands that have the best value in each of their countries, for example:

The cornmeal brand flour pan, the sandwiches are brand name doña guayaba, in drinks there is the Postobon, red label, smirnoff, Don Julio and much more.

It is possible that we do not have all the brands, from all the countries, but we do try to offer something quite varied and that adjusts to the demands and needs of our clients.

In the same way, we ask that if you think we need a brand or product, let us know and we will work in order to bring that product and that brand closer to the United Kingdom.

Are the prices good at the best South American food suppliers in the UK?

It is quite difficult for them to find better prices for South American products or food in the UK.

And it is that we in Latin market do this because we know the difficulties that Latinos go through in European countries and we understand the lack of our city, friends, family and national food.

Taking that into account, we seek to offer you the best prices on all our merchandise, which is why it is so difficult for other companies, stores and businesses to come close to our prices and the quality of the service provided.

Is the purchase process in the Latin Market online store very complex?

Not at all! The purchase process is very simple, but, in the same way, below, we will quickly explain how to buy in our online store so that you have no doubts:

  1. The first thing they have to enter is our online store and for this they must click here.
  2. This step is the most fun, the one we like the most and one that you will surely enjoy a lot. You should start looking at all the products we have to offer you and look for the ones you like the most.
  3. At this point it is relevant to mention that you will have the possibility to search the store in different ways: by product name (in the search engine), by best-selling products and by categories. If you already know what you are looking for, we recommend you simply search by name, if you are looking for something from a specific category by category and if you do not know what you want, you can simply have a good time reviewing all the products until you find the right one for you.
  4. Now that you know how to search, we will proceed to the next step in which you simply have to add to the shopping cart all those items that you like and want to buy.
  5. Having bought everything you must go to the confirmation and payment process in which you can decide if everything you added is what you want, you will see the cost of your order and you can modify it.
  6. When confirming the order, we will give some of our data, we will select the address, the payment method, we pay and that’s it! It only remains to wait for our order to be sent and that we receive it at the address we have provided.

What did you think of the process? Do you find a step a bit complicated? Do you think we can do more to help you buy your Latino products online?

We invite you to comment on everything seen in our online store! Your opinion is very worthwhile and helps us to grow more every day and to offer you a higher quality service.

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