How to prepare homemade Mexican burritos

Mexican burritos are a must in recipes at social and family events, easy to prepare and delicious!
Today we will teach you how to prepare burritos at home, you will notice that they are not difficult, and you can enjoy them with your family.

But what is the origin?

homemade Mexican burritos

We don’t really know where the name comes from. It looks like there is a disagreement between Mexico and United States related to this. However, most of the time we listen to ´Mexican burritos´ (I don’t think anyone has ever heard about American burritos, right?) this gives us an idea related to where they might come from!

But we won’t focus ourselves into this, we can better, enjoy this delicious recipe, that both children and adults enjoy, and that you can also eat with a lot of different ingredients. Apart from this, is super affordable.

 The burrito is a big flour tortilla where you put meat, cheese, and tomato, but also is a very complete meal. You can add vegetables like lettuce, cucumber, onion, black beans, avocado, corn and a big variety of sauces! It doesn’t need any extra preparations and you can enjoy it either for lunch or dinner.

You can prepare them with the ingredients that you like the most and the craziest combinations that your mind can imagine, sometimes this even comes out with amazing new flavours!

How to prepare them

As we mentioned before, preparing Mexican burritos is simple, the most difficult part of preparing the flour tortilla where you wrap all the ingredients.

Here we will teach you how to prepare the tortilla, however if you don’t feel like complicating yourself, we will tell you where to easily find premade tortillas at the supermarket. We will also give you other ideas to use them with other meals.

Mexican tortillas recipe

We will tell you everything you need to know about the process to prepare the flour tortilla.


homemade Mexican burritos

3 flour cups
1 teaspoon of baking powder
100gr of vegetable shortening
1 teaspoon of salt
1 1/4    of water

homemade Mexican burritos

Baking powder

baking powder for space recipes, the one indicated for your burrito recipe.


In a big pan mix the flour, the baking powder, the salt and the vegetable shortening, add all of the ingredients until you get a sandy mixture. Add water slowly till all  the ingredients get together.

Separate the mixture into 100 grams per portion, prepare small balls and stretch them with the help of a wooden roller on a clean surface previously covered in flour.

Last but not least, in a hot pan put the tortilla mix until you see bubbles coming out, don’t let it over cook because they can break while you eat them. 

You can store the tortillas in a bag or container to maintain them through time.

Mexican burritos recipe

Answering the how to prepare Mexican burritos questions is super simple.

Is the same answer to how to prepare bean burritos or meat- chicken burritos. After preparing your tortilla you just need to add the ingredients that you like the most


400grams of chopped meat
1 / 4 red pepper
1 / 4 green pepper
1 / 4 yellow pepper
1 onion
2 garlic gloves
2 tomatoes
Chili Powder 
1 red wine glass
1 teaspoon of sweet pepper
1 rape tomato
Olive oil

homemade Mexican burritos

Olive oil

Olive oil – Filippo berio 500ml


In a pan put a little bit of olive oil, once is hot add the chopped meat and salt, if you wish to add a spicy flavour, at the chili powder. Let it fry a little bit on medium heat.

In another pan put a little bit of olive oil and start adding all of the chopped vegetables (they can be finely chopped or in slices) add them in the following order: onion, garlic, salt, pepper and finally add the tomatoes and wait till the juices come out. 

Add the red wine and let it reduce till you have a sauce, and the vegetables are soft and humid. To finish, mix the meat with the vegetables, stir slowly, and add salt and spices if necessary. And that is it! Your stuff is ready to go! 

Warm the tortillas, put the stuff in the middle and if you like you can add some freshly chopped coriander, wrap it and enjoy it!

Meat and chicken burritos

To prepare meat and chicken burritos you can use the same preparations as before, but you must also cook one chicken breast with salt, once is cooked you should shred it. You can add it to the previous mix where you already have a big flour variety!

Chicken burritos

The chicken burritos you can normally do them with a cooked and shred chicken breast, you can add inside the tortilla, cheese, tomato, avocado, lettuce and beans, as well as your favourite sauce!

Bean burrito

You can add beans to any of the previous recipes! But if you want a burrito where you can taste more the beans flavour, you can cook black beans with salt and smash them like a puree, or if you want something easier you can buy precooked black beans to save yourself some cooking time.

Heat the tortilla, add the lettuce, cheese, corn, chopped tomato and if you wish you can also add shred meat or just leave them vegetarian! They are also super delicious.

You can eat this preparation with a good drink, either juices or soft drinks. Enjoy them with guacamole or cheese and nachos. 

As you may have noticed, there are plenty of combinations and tastes, you can use the ingredients that you have in your fridge and stuff the tortillas. 

Use one of our how to prepare homemade Mexican burritos recipes and surprise your family and friends with a very delicious Mexican dish! 

Translated by Laura Parra

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