Dominican supermarket in the UK

How many times have you wondered where to buy Dominican products in the UK and have not found a good answer to that question? How long have you lived in this beautiful place, but without being able to enjoy those products that you had in your home? Today we will talk about a great Dominican supermarket in the United Kingdom so that you can buy what you need and much more.
For all of us who emigrate looking for a slightly higher standard of living than we had in our country, something very complicated happens to us and that is that we miss our culture too much, we need those products that we enjoyed so much in our country and, precisely for that reason, several years ago a solution to these problems: our Dominican supermarket near my Latin market with physical stores in various locations in London and our online store.

Dominican liquor store near me

Although in the United Kingdom the liquor has a very good flavor and the variety is tremendous, nothing equals those drinks and preparations that remind us of moments when we shared with our best friends and family.

Taking that into account, we also tell you that we are a Dominican liquor store near me and that is that with our online store in a very short time you will be able to buy all the Dominican liquor you want and have it at home in less than a week.

It is clear that when we look for products from our country of origin, liquor is one of the things that we want to obtain more easily. Today we offer a variety of Latin liquors in our stores that range from products such as, for example, the renowned Colombian Antioqueño, to drinks such as a rich Dominican brugal rum, the best Mexican tequila, beers of different brands and types, among many others. more things.

Shopping list in your favorite Dominican supermarket in the UK

Let’s now get into what really interests us today and that is that we want to introduce you to a Dominican shopping list, that is, to talk about those products that you definitely cannot miss when you make your purchase in the Latin market.

  • Rum Brugal. The first thing we have to add to our cart or shopping list is a delicious Brugal rum. This drink has been prepared since 1888 and is the only one in the world that produces its rum exclusively in the Dominican Republic. A perfect drink for parties, family gatherings and much more.
  • Thyme The King. The renowned brand El Rey has a really impressive variety of dressings and one of those that should not be missing in our kitchen is thyme. This aromatic plant is not only used to give a rich flavor to our meals, but it also offers great health benefits when infusions are made with it.
  • Creole ranchero seasoning. Do you want your meals to taste very close to home? One of the best options to achieve this is simply to buy the product sazón criollo ranchero, a marinade that mixes a variety of spices to give each meal an excellent touch.
  • Salami cooked induveca. One of the products that practically every family in the Dominican Republic can have in their fridge right now. This salami not only has a great flavor, its price is very suitable for all pockets and can be prepared with rice, accompanied by bread, among many other things.
  • Nephew chocolate powder. The sobrino brand has one of the best powdered chocolates on the market, a product that can even easily compete with well-known brands in the Latin market such as toddy, nesquik and many other chocolate-based drinks.

Dominican market near me

As you can already imagine, in Latin Market we are not only in the Dominican market near me, we are a market dedicated to the vast majority of Latin countries. In a few words, our main purpose is to publicize the great quantity and quality of products that we have in Latin America to the United Kingdom market and that, in addition, Latin Americans can access these products at prices that adapt to our possibilities.
It is clear that, regardless of your nationality, you can surely also value other Latin products and, precisely for this reason, we want to offer the most complete market so that with us you can buy almost everything you may need in your home.
We care so much about the peace of mind of our customers and the possibility that with us they can make their markets more complete that every day we improve our product catalog, already having sections for babies, pets, household products and many other things available to you. .
We were born as a market by and for Latinos and we hope to stay in the United Kingdom for a long time, always with that premise. We are living in a culture quite different from ours, but with the possibility of bringing a little more of our things to this country.

What is the most popular Dominican food?

The truth is that when we talk about the most popular Dominican food we can enter a very complicated area and that is that in this country they eat very well and for that reason they have too many popular recipes that are known almost everywhere in the world.
Similarly, there are some recipes that are almost cultural heritage of the country and we will learn a little more about them below.
  • The mangu
This is perhaps one of the most traditional dishes and for its preparation we can use one of the products that we already talked about: induveca salami. Mangú is a breakfast that includes salami, mashed green plantain, eggs, a sauce with red onion, and cheese.
  • Dominican flag
To prepare the delicious Dominican flag we need stewed chicken, white rice (which you can buy at Latin Market), stewed beans (also available in our online store), salad, tostones and meat that can be both beef and pork.
  • Sheet cakes
Those who have tried sheet cakes know that this dish is an impressive delicacy and, we’ll let you in on a secret, you can now make it in the UK thanks to our frozen banana leaves, perfect for preparing these cakes.

Latin market is your Dominican supermarket in the UK

For some years we have been and want to continue to be the best Dominican supermarket in the United Kingdom and for that reason we work hard every day so that, together with you, we can achieve this important goal.

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